§ 1 General provisions

The student shall be able to use a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom in his/her student apartment.
The student apartment shall be run by a student apartment manager, who shall be responsible for:
a) financial matters of the student apartment,
b) reporting to E-house
c) performing tasks related to meeting housing needs of the student,
d) taking care of the proper technical condition of the apartment.

§ 2 Damage deposit

2.The student is obliged to pay in advance, within 1 day as of the date of signing rental contract, a damage deposit in the amount of one monthly rent.
The damage deposit shall constitute an additional fee and shall not cover totally or in part a monthly rent.
2.1 The obligation to pay upfront the damage deposit shall apply irrespective of the actual check-in date.
2.2 The damage deposit shall be given back to the student if no actual damage occurs to the room and the apartment.
2.3 The student shall assume full liability for the property entrusted to him/her and shall be obliged to return it in unchanged condition with regard to both quantity and quality, normal wear and tear excluded. The liability for the condition of the room or the apartment shall be borne by the student along with other residents. The student’s duties shall also include cleaning the room and apartment before check-out.
2.4 The student along with other residents shall be severely liable for the furnishings in the room and apartment, as well as appliances placed in common areas. If the perpetrator of a damage is impossible to ascertain, the liability shall be borne jointly by the student and other residents, in equal shares.
2.5 The student shall be financially liable for any damage to appliances or furnishings resulting from his/her fault. The appraisal of the damage is done based on the actual repair or replacement cost. The decision regarding whether the damaged furnishing should be repaired or replaced shall be made by the student apartment manager.
2.6 In the event the student fails to pay the repair or replacement costs, the apartment manager shall deduct an equivalent amount from the damage deposit paid by the student, and if this is not possible, shall issue an additional invoice for the amount due. If the student further fails to pay for the damage caused by him/her the student apartment manager shall be entitled to notify the student’s school/university about this fact.

§ 3 Rent payment

3.1 The student shall pay the accommodation fee by the 10th day of each month for every upcoming month, in the amount determined, depending on the chosen room and location.
3.2 In the event of a delay in payment for accommodation in a student apartment, a default interest shall be charged in the amount determined by E-house.
3.3 The apartment manager shall proportionately calculate the amount due for the first days of stay of the student before the 10th day of the first full month of stay and the student shall pay this amount accordingly.


4.1 The student shall move in to the student apartment for the minimum period of ½ year. This shall be also the duration of the rental contract.
4.2 Termination of the contract shall be possible upon 2-month notice. Should this period not be respected, the damage deposit shall not be reimbursed.

§ 5 Check-in and check-out procedure

5. When checking in, the student should do the following in person:

5.1 In addition, during the check-in the room and the apartment shall be ready for accommodation, i.e. in clean
condition and furnished with working household equipment.
5.2 The acceptance and return of the room or dwelling unit shall be confirmed by a survey report drawn in two copies, one copy for the student and the other for the apartment manager.
5.3 In case of re-housing, the same rules of check-in and check-out shall apply accordingly.

§ 6 Alterations in the apartment

6.1 Making changes to the furniture or essential changes to the décor of the room or apartment requires a prior consent of the student apartment manager. This applies in particular to drilling holes in the walls,
fitting own furniture, exchanging pieces of furniture between rooms, removing furnishings from the room, painting walls, etc.
6.2 The student shall occupy the room which was assigned to him/her at check-in. A change of rooms is only possible upon a prior consent of the apartment manager.
6.3Unauthorized installation, modification and repair of electric, water and gas supply systems shall be prohibited.
6.4 Unauthorized change or replacement of locks and making copies of room keys shall also be prohibited.

§ 7 Residence

7.1 The student shall lose the right to accommodation in the apartment in the event of:
a) repetitive failure to pay monthly rent on time;
b) transfer of the awarded accommodation place in the apartment to another person. In this case, both interested persons lose their right to the accommodation offered by E-house;
c) drastic violation of the requirement to keep the room or apartment in clean and good condition. In this case, the student receives a warning from the apartment manager, and if the situation is not rectified, he/she loses the right to accommodation in the apartment.
7.2 The student shall be obliged to respect other resident’s possession and shall not disturb them in any way.

§ 8 Guests

8.1 The student receiving guests shall be liable for their stay on the premises.
8.2 The student apartment manager may prohibit entry to the premises to guests of the students whose behavior resulted in damage to the apartment or significantly disturbed other residents of the apartment or the neighbors.

§ 9 Rights and obligations of the students

9.1 The student shall have the right to:
a) use his/her room and common areas of the student apartment in accordance with the rules set forth by the apartment manager;
b) organize social gatherings on the premises;
c) receive guests in his/her room in accordance with the rules

9.2 The student shall be obliged to:
a) respect the property of the student apartment and its surroundings;
b) make all accommodation payments on dates stipulated;
c) obey the decisions of the apartment manager and any staff authorized by him;
d) keep the room or the apartment in clean condition and proper order, as well as keep the
common areas clean;
e) report any instances of damage being inflicted by other residents to the property placed in the room or the apartment to the apartment manager. Failure to report the damage to the property by other persons shall result in the student’s becoming financially co-liable for the damage.

§ 10 Miscellaneous

10.1 The apartment manager nor any representative of E-house shall bear no liability for private belongings of the residents.
10.2 The student shall keep no domestic or other animals in or about the apartment without the prior written consent of the apartment manager.
10.3 The apartment manager or a person authorized by him shall have the right at all reasonable times during the term of the rental contract and any renewal to enter the apartment for the purpose of inspecting the premises and/or making any repairs.


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